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Service doesn't have to be big and grandiose. Our service is reliable, meaningful and makes a difference.

Alessandra Kearns
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We add value to clients by valuing them.

Matthew Cresswell
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At Barkers there isn't a customer service department because its the whole company.

Tessa Barker
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We personally structure cover around client's needs and compassionately guide them when a loss occurs.

Lloyd Barker

Our Story

Since 1973, we have offered a personalised non-life insurance solution to “selective clients”. Our philosophy of working on an existing client referral basis only and accepting the right clients, has enabled us to achieve the levels of service and expertise of the highest standard.

Cash back bonus

The Barker Cash Back Bonus is our incentive-based programme that rewards you for managing your risk and NOT claiming. We started our “BARKER CASH BACK BONUS” scheme in 1992 (a world first) and to date we have made 19848 Personal Lines Barker Cash Back Bonus premium refunds totaling R50.7 million and 1682 Commercial Lines Cash Back Bonus premium refunds (from 2014) totaling R3.6mil to clients who qualify. Unlike other insurance companies, the BARKER BONUS is paid out annually.

Bundles of cash


Thank you so much for the vehicle refund. As a company you are always outstanding! I often get calls asking me to change insurers and they do not know how to respond when I literally say "you will never get me to change insurers, I love my insurance company!!!" You are an island of excellence. So, thank you!

Cathryn Allwood


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