Clients Comments

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for everything over the years while I’ve been at Feinschmecker and for the help you’ve given me personally. It’s an absolute pleasure working with you all and I really appreciate it and I actually cannot thank you enough.

John Wessels
31 August 2023

Many thanks for your assistance in finalising my insurance. This is why I love dealing with Barker for the past 39 years 😊

Ferdi Ladeira
4 August 2023

Always grateful for all that you do for us. I have never come across an organization quite like the Barker Team. Well beyond First Class!

Michele Wiltshire
27 July 2023

Thank you for your most efficient and speedy processing of our Theft Claim. It is so refreshing and encouraging to note that Barker Insurance, after all these years, ( in this day and age !!! ), are still maintaining the highest standards of excellence in service delivery to their clients.

Ken Liebenberg
4 April 2023

In the usual Barker method, you've answered us perfectly! One of many reasons why I always fiercely resist any attempts to woo us away from Barkers!

John Traas
30 March 2023

Thank you for your help with regards to sorting my car windscreen out last week. Everyone was so friendly. It was done so speedily and it just reassured me how professional you are at Barker.

Ursula Lesar
15 February 2023

Thanks so much for your quick, efficient, excellent service. We’re really glad we made the change to Barker Insurance and we can see why our friend recommended your company so highly.

Gill Haggis
7 February 2023

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all of you at Barker and in particular the claims team – I dealt with a number of people in Barker claims after a bumper bashing in my car. The service and the whole claims process was amazing.

Justin Naylor
9 January 2023

I must thank you for the wonderful Cash Back Reward, which I have just received, it is the most amazing “gift”, especially at this time, when there are so many expenses related to the Christmas season. Thank you once again for another excellent year of Barker insurance’s absolute devotion to their clients. Efficiency, charm and effectiveness is the name of the game, when it comes to insurance, and as a Barker client , I am the lucky recipient of those amazing characteristics of your company.

Paddy Hatfield
23 November 2022

Thank you for lovely diary you gifted me and for all the much appreciated professional and reliable assistance you have given to me over the years.

Sharon Cherry
8 November 2022

Thanks so much for my Annual Policy Review. Every interaction with you reminds me of the value of broker. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Maggi Savage
7 November 2022

Thank you all so much for your fantastic service, courtesy, understanding and care in the long saga of my extremely complex claim, spanning multiple communications, team members, my own travel out of the country for nearly a month and serial lack of availability to attend to queries (my work involves running meetings for whole groups of people and I am rarely able to take a call on the hop). You turned what was an arduous and upsetting experience into something that worked out happily. Thank you. It is a delight to be able to say to friends, including Carmel who referred me to you, that Barker insurance is something that actually works in my life 😊

Sue Soal
12 October 2022

Our car broke down yesterday around lunch time on the way back home from PE to Beachview. We called the barker Assist line and were more than pleased, what an amazing service. They kept in contact and were accurate with the arrival time of the tow truck, taking us home and keeping the vehicle overnight at their place, safely dropping at the requested workshop this morning. Just wanted to say well done on a great service offering and a big thanks to all.

Laurel & Gary McBirnie
29 August 2022

A quick note to thank you and the team at Barker for your quick response and high level of service. It is always valued and appreciated! Claiming is never a good experience given that is confirms something has gone wrong…… but you all make it less stressful with your efficiency and kindness. 😊

Mark Fussell
28 July 2022

I would just like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to you and the Barker team for the way in which my claim was handled. Besides waiting for the concrete floors to dry, which was nobody's fault, I was really impressed with the service that I received. I am one happy client! May I not need to try out your services any time soon as I have enjoyed my " no claim" bonus for many years.

Sue Price
25 July 2022

Thank you Team for your support. Your phone call was appreciated and the professional way you interacted with me reminded me why we should continue to use Barker to support our insurance related needs. Thank you for always guiding and supporting us with exceptionally fast and friendly service (every time). The kind gesture of good faith to waive the excess is truly appreciated. In general I feel we have great support from the Barker family, and thank you for being their in support when we are at our most vulnerable.

Wessel Pieterse
7 June 2022

To your team - To say that they have been AMAZING is a genuine understatement. I've been shocked; fantastic service, speed of response, speed of payment, etc. We've had a bit of a run of bad luck (bikes getting damaged, car crash 10 days ago, etc.), and without fail, the Barker service has way exceeded expectations.

Geoff Baars
7 April 2022

We would like to express our wholehearted thanks for the great support over the last few months with the repairs to our property following the flood damage last year. The contractors you introduced to us were of the highest quality and we have appreciated their workmanship.

Sylvio Lefebvre
1 February 2022

I am very happy with my windscreen replacement, thank you. I also wanted to mention thanks to Barker for handling a breakdown we had on Boxing Day. Our vehicle was towed quickly and efficiently on a very tricky day so thank you to all involved.

Bev Forbes
14 January 2022

Thanks for doing a great job in processing our claim. It is always unfortunate having to claim. That said, as our insurer you guys stepped up to the plate and made this process less painful than it could have been. Well done to Barker Insurance!

Robert Porter
29 November 2021

Thank you for my Cash Back Bonus. What a great surprise, this is the first time I have ever received anything back from an insurance company. This refund is confirmation that your company and its people are exceptional, it is always a pleasure to deal with your organization.

Colin Mills
17 November 2021

Thank you for the efficient manner in which the whole repair operation inclusive of paper work and authorisation was undertaken to get my car back to me in the shortest period of time. From the time I reported the damage to the time I collected the vehicle took only a few days. The arrangement of a hired car and subsequent collection of my repaired vehicle all took place so quickly and I was spared the inconvenience that insurance claims are renowned for……..but NOT with Barker! The quality of the repair job done was excellent and I commend your teams at both parties for the highly efficient service I received.

George Gibbs
5 March 2021

Thank you to the whole team @Barker. It is at times like this that a person fully appreciates that someone out there has “their back”. I am trying to get back to normal (if there is such a thing) and I won’t let my bad experience be my focus. Too many other things to focus on in my life and lots to be grateful for too!

Felicity Boyers
2 February 2021

Honestly the BEST insurance company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! Their attention to detail and care for their customers is something I have never experienced.

Kimberley Engels
14 January 2021

On 16th October I headed out to Sanbonani in Mpumalanga with my daughter and a friend. We were pretty loaded up and I was also pulling a trailer loaded with goods and a table which meant I wasn’t able to close the lid!! Just outside Witbank a red light started flashing on my car. On checking the manual, it said to stop the car immediately!! That’s where Barker comes in. I immediately phoned the Barker Assist line and I want to thank her for her help and assistance. The time was around 11a.m. The first thing she asked was if we were safe on the side of the road and I really appreciated that. She organised the towing company and they got to us from Middleburg in about 45 minutes. Again, I want to thank the Barker Assist team for their help and getting us to safety. Although it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience, I’m very grateful for this service that you offer.

Di Holm
29 November 2020

Thank you for this no claim bonus! It’s been a tough year for many and yet Barker always seems to make a plan for their clients. Whether it be through a reduction on our car insurance during Covid, to adjusting our premiums based on depreciation of assets, and now even a cash back reward. You and your team definitely ‘do business differently’ and thus you stand out from the rest.

Nicky Lasch
14 November 2020

It was so reassuring all day to feel that our guardian angels, Barker, were a Whatsapp away. You are the most amazing group of people and a company in a league of its own. Nothing is too much trouble and the extra mile is a given. A Very Big Thank You

Mary Sara
15 October 2020

You are awesome. More than awesome. It has been such a blessing to receive these Motor Cash Back Refunds in this difficult time. Thank you for being our backbone for so many years. I think we are going on for about 37 years of service. In this time, we haven’t had a single glitch, non-payment, query or EVER felt defenseless. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sue Van Den Broeck
3 August 2020

Your efforts to save Clients money and Barker’s excellent services in general are noted and much appreciated. As a client I could not have asked for a better Insurer / Team to look after and assist us when we need you most. We have been with a few Insurers / Brokers who promised the sun, moon and stars. We all have been down that road before, and by far Barker is the best Insurer we have to date! This is one Insurer who actually delivers on their promises, therefore will remain loyal clients to Barker Insurance. Well done to the Barker team, keep up the excellent work, and for always being there and ready to assist! “Julle is ysters!!” (An Afrikaans expression that means you guys are the best)

Martin Van Eden
3 August 2020

I have only recently migrated over to Barker Insurance, so I do not have too much time to reference here. However, the experience, thus far, I must compliment and show my appreciation for a fantastic service received. So thank you to your team.

Philip Tink
2 July 2020

I have been meaning to message you to say well done and thank you for the unasked for rebates and for just being the best insurance peeps anyone could ever want. There was a trail on twitter moaning about insurance companies, and I messaged about my amazing insurers and was asked ‘who this unicorn company is’ . I did pass your name on. But really that’s what you are, a unicorn company. Thanks so much (as always).

Aviva Marock
30 June 2020

Thank you so much for the vehicle refund. As a company you are always outstanding! I often get calls asking me to change insurers and they do not know how to respond when I literally say "you will never get me to change insurers, I love my insurance company!!!" You are an island of excellence. So, thank you!

Cathryn Allwood
5 May 2020

Just to say thank you for the Lock-down Bonus. You are the only company I know of that has done this and gone out of your way for your clients. It is hugely appreciated since like many, we still have staff to pay and no income.

Cindy Hunter
2 May 2020

Thank you team Barker for the Lock-down Bonus. A great initiative. Something that separates you from the mundane, classical insurance product offering. You are the maverick to the game!

Jonathon Sehayek
1 May 2020

Thank you so much for this communication and for the contribution made to the Solidarity Fund. In this day and age where the values of humility, care, integrity, authenticity and loyalty are so often relinquished in favour of selfish interests and pursuits, it is great to know yet again that our very long belief and confidence in Barkers is so well placed and part of something which seeks to make a difference for good in the world.

John Roux
9 April 2020

I can’t even remember how long ago it was that I first started my insurance with you, but it must have been the longest running relationship I have had with any company. Thank you for your service and prompt replies to all my mails over the years, even when I may have had some strange requests!

Peter Hoon
2 March 2020

I have been meaning to write to you to thank you; the whole claim process was really easy and efficient and we are extremely pleased with you and you organisation, as well as Panel Beater – they completed all repairs within a week!

Alan Williams
1 February 2020

Thank you for your assistance. It is rare that one comes across an company with such professionalism, service and prompt feedback. I thank you for this and look forward to a long lasting fruitful relationship with Barker Insurance.

Thomas Roux
24 January 2020

I have to thank Barker Insurance for your outstanding service and incredible assistance yesterday. I cannot tell you how impressed we are with your fantastic service. A very big thank you to Barkers for getting our new glass into our back door on the day we were going on holiday and just a few days before Christmas. Thank you again.

Zizi Wattrus
24 December 2019

The Barker team is seriously a professional joy to work with. Asides from the "usuals" I interact with, the rest of the team that I recently interacted with were top notch, and I believe that excellence is the norm for the work your whole team does there. By the very nature of insurance, claims are never something anyone looks forward to but knowing that there is such a great team ready to assist makes it that much better to deal with.

Rob Christian
20 November 2019