Barker Insurance

We’re Here for You – In Sickness and In Health

As coronavirus cases in South Africa continue to grow, we would like to update you on how we intend to continue operating in spite of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

A critical characteristic of this particular crisis is uncertainty. As it stands, the evolution of the situation at hand is perpetual, as each day brings with it new developments. However, we’re committed to continue operating as normally and responsibly as possible under these trying circumstances.

All Barker employees & the Barker Assist Team are on-hand 24/7 to assist you on 0861 227 537 or you can contact us directly with whatever queries you may have. We assure you that we are not only here to support you and your families, but provide the unwavering excellent service that all Barker clients have come to expect.

Following our President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a National State of Disaster on Sunday 15th March, and his various proactive and preventative steps towards addressing the pandemic, we too have implemented various operational, hygiene and safety measures in an effort to protect our valued employees, clients and wider community. We are also engaging with our partner insurers to explore ways to further assist our clients.

We encourage you to consult authentic websites as informative sources concerning COVID-19.

General public hotline 0800 029 999
National Institute of Communicable Diseases hotline: 

082 883 9920 or text your name and query to 066 562 4021

Further information on medical and travel advisories from the World Health Organisation can be found via this link.

We wish you and your loved ones strength and fortitude over what will inevitably be a challenging time, and with time and togetherness we will overcome this virus.

As stated by the President’s closing statement during his address:

“United we are strong - Divided we are weak."

And, Stand United we shall!

Yours Faithfully

Team Barker