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WARNING: Wearing high value "flashy" jewellery is making you a target & your safety is our concern

Rolex with shadow

High value watches and jewellery are attracting unwanted attention and putting your safety at risk.

There has been a large increase in incidents where clients wearing expensive watches and jewellery are being followed home from shopping centres, restaurants, even the airport and Gautrain Station. They are then apprehended by armed suspects in their driveways, and watches, jewellery, wallets and mobile phones are taken. In some cases the clients’ vehicles are taken as well.

Based on our own statistics, Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, is one of the biggest "hot spots" for these criminals. The most common items stolen in these incidents are Rolex watches and other expensive watches.

The frequency of these incidents is becoming alarming! It is important to remain vigilant when leaving these public places and particularly when approaching your home. If you suspect that you are being followed, DO NOT drive into your drive way or open your gate. This prevents any type of escape route and potentially allows the thieves access to your home and not just what is on your person. Drive immediately to your nearest police station.

No-one should have to go through this terrible, emotional and sometimes physical trauma just for material possessions!

With the festive season in full swing, and the time spent in shopping centres on the increase, avoid becoming a target! It is simply not worth it. THINK TWICE before wearing these items.