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The Ultimate Professional Driving Permit Guide (PrDP)

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At Barkers, we recognise the intricate challenges of fleet management, and our goal is to help you navigate these chaotic waters.

One area we've identified needing clarity in, is the Professional Driving Permit (PrDP), especially given the number of queries and concerns raised recently.

Hollard and Barker have created a simplified guide for Barker Fleet clients, ensuring smooth sailing and fair claims outcomes.

Why is a PrDP so Vital?

Professional Driving Permits go beyond simple legal requirements; they're fundamental to road safety and adherence.

Having a valid PrDP isn't just recommended—it's essential.

Non-compliance can result in stark repercussions, such as declined claims. Some policies even emphasize that drivers, whether on personal trips or not, must hold a valid PrDP when operating insured vehicles.

Requirements You Should Know:

2006 National Road Traffic Act: Key Provisions on PrDP

Eligibility for PrDP:

Prospective PrDP applicants must possess a valid driver's license corresponding to the category of PrDP they are seeking.

Vehicle Categories for PrDP Issuance:

  • Goods vehicles with a gross weight exceeding 3,500 kg.
  • Towing or breakdown vehicles.
  • Buses.
  • Minibuses (weighing over 3,500 kg and designed/adapted to carry at least 12 passengers, driver included).
  • All vehicles utilised for transporting fare-paying passengers.
  • All vehicles that can transport 12 or more individuals, including the driver.

PrDP Ownership and Usage:

Proprietors or those overseeing the aforementioned vehicles must not engage or permit anyone without a legitimate PrDP to operate them. Additionally, PrDPs are exclusive to the person it's issued to, similar to a driver's license, and cannot be transferred.

Validity Concerns:

PrDPs that have been cancelled or suspended are deemed invalid, even if they haven't reached their expiration date.

Extension of Validity Post-Expiry:

While a PrDP's standard validity lasts 24 months from its issuance date, it can extend up to an additional four months given:

  1. An application for PrDP renewal was filed prior to its original expiration date, supported by evidence of the application and payment of associated fees.
  2. Neither the PrDP nor the driver’s license of its holder has been canceled or suspended.
  3. The applicant hasn't received any communication rejecting their new PrDP application.

Validity Check Sources:

For South African permits, utilise platforms like TransUnion, and for foreign ones, use "Check Your Driver". Please note that various checks may incur a fee. For inquiries, please email

Barker’s Approach to PrDP-Related Claims

Barker Insurance takes the validity of the Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) seriously when looking at motor insurance claims. With the strict criteria required for a PrDP, such as medical certification, criminal clearances, and a proper driver's license, claims can be turned down if the driver doesn't have the appropriate permit. Be sure to check that your motor fleet and drivers comply with the above-mentioned requirements to avoid any issues in the event of a claim.

The usual claims process requires evidence to reject a claim, but driving without the correct license is seen as a big safety risk, similar to driving under the influence. Therefore, these claims won't be supported, regardless of other factors. But there is an exception: if an incident happens within four months after the PrDP's expiration, and the overall details of the claim make sense, the claim may be accepted.

Don’t Take Chances!

Adhering to PrDP regulations is more than a legal mandate; it's an affirmation of safety, responsible driving, and safeguarding your assets. Together, let's uphold these standards and ensure that breaches of public safety are neither overlooked nor rewarded.