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The benefits of going solar


With Eskom’s rolling blackouts that are likely to remain a fixture in the foreseeable future, many of our Barker clients are turning to solar power, in a bid to become more independent from the national power grid and it’s easy to see why.

Cost savings:

  • Once you’ve installed a solar system, electricity price hikes won’t affect you as much
  • You recover the installation cost within a few years, and after that you are generating your own free power
  • You won’t need to buy loud and eco-unfriendly generators for power failures
  • With a grid-interactive system, you can feed power back into the grid and receive credits for doing so
  • You increase the value of your property
  • Solar power qualifies for savings on CO2 (carbon) tax

Guaranteed power supply, and peace of mind:

  • You have power when load shedding and power failures occur
  • You’re assured of reliable electricity for at least 25 years – if not longer
  • South Africa’s abundant sunlight offers a free and constant supply of solar energy that will generate power for you even on overcast days

Green, responsible power

  • Solar power is silent and simple to install almost anywhere
  • The energy is clean and renewable
  • With solar power, you will play your part in contributing to a sustainable future
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint
  • You will have the satisfaction of being socially and environmentally responsible

Promoting development

  • Solar has provided rural communities with electric lighting and television, off the grid
  • Solar power enables disadvantaged schools to use electronic media and internet connectivity to learn
  • Solar installations benefit patients in remote regions by enabling clinics in the area to operate without grid or generator power

However, amidst all the excitement of being “off the grid”, many overlook the fundamental issue of insuring their alternative power solution devices. While we’ve previously discussed generators, inverters, battery backups and solar are also prevalent topics regarding the electricity crisis that certainly warrant our urgent attention.

The benefits of such systems are two-fold: They not only make load-shedding more tolerable but reduce your monthly residential electricity bills, so you have more moola left to put towards your dwindling fuel budget.

Solar panels, battery backups, and inverters are high ticket items, so we highly recommend that you notify your Barker consultant immediately, when the installation of these assets is planned at your home or business, and request that the value be added to that of your Building (House owners) insurance.

Did you know that several companies offer solar systems in a rent-to-buy facility?

Homeowners need not pay for the full system upfront, but rather in smaller, and more affordable monthly installments, allowing you to pay for the system off over a period of years.

If you’ve already opted for this route, ask the suppliers whether they insure the system as part of your agreement. Failing this, you might have to insure the full system as part of your building cover.

On this note, here are a few tips to take heed of during the incessant power outages:

  • During load-shedding, unplug any appliances that might be susceptible to power surges
  • Install surge protectors that shield electronic devices/appliances from significant spikes in electricity that occur when the power returns. Barkers offers our clients one free high-quality surge protection device per policy. Contact us to find out more. (Please note: The cost of installation is for the clients’ account)
  • To prevent burglaries, ensure all backup batteries for your electric fences and gates are in good working order, to ensure everything continues operating seamlessly during a blackout. Check these often, as the constant on and off from load-shedding can impact the life span of the batteries
  • Download an app such as EskomSePush to keep abreast of the load-shedding schedule and be adequately prepared
  • Never leave lit candles unattended!