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Surge to Safety: Unpacking Our Barker Surge Protection Offer


Our exclusive lightning & power surge protection offer - don't get caught unprotected!

Strengthen your home or office against surge damage with our complimentary Barker Lightning & Power Surge Protection Device!

Unpredictable lightning storms and power surges pose a significant threat, potentially unleashing large electrical surges that can harm your electrical appliances, and technical equipment, and disrupt the optimal functioning of your home or office.

The increasing frequency of such incidents underscores the necessity for protective measures to shield your property and possessions.

Barker Insurance is proud to be the only insurer providing our clients with a tailored solution to help protect you when disaster strikes.

Barker's FREE lightning & power surge protection


This offer is exclusively available to clients with Household Contents, Office contents & Computer equipment, or Buildings covered through Barker Insurance. Each eligible property can receive one complimentary surge protection device, ensuring your peace of mind during stormy seasons and load-shedding periods.

How to request your device

CLICK HERE to email us and provide your:

  1. Full Name

  2. Barker Policy Number

  3. Contact Number

  4. Type of device (Single-phase or Three-phase):

  5. Delivery address:

Device delivery

Once we’ve verified your eligibility and the specific device required for your property, delivery arrangements will be made to your selected address. Whether you're in Johannesburg or elsewhere, we’ve got your delivery covered, either via hand delivery or PostNet.


Each client will be responsible for the appointment of a suitably qualified electrician and for the payment of the installation. The device will need to be installed within 30 days of receiving it. Should the device not be installed within this period, the device will need to be returned to Barker Insurance at the client's cost.

Proof of installation

Once the installation has taken place, ensure you send a before and after photo of the installed device in your main Distribution Board (without the cover) along with the completed “Surge Device Proof of Installation” Form as proof of installation. Remember, timely installation is crucial for the effectiveness of surge protection.

Enhanced benefits

Excess Waiver

Submit your proof of installation to waive the Lightning and Power Surge Excess of 15% of the claim, with a minimum of R5 000 or as stated on your policy schedule. Excess waiver is only applicable where the Power Surge Device is fitted to the Main Distribution Board with a 40KVA Type 2 protection or higher.

Stay protected, stay informed

This exclusive offer underscores Barker's dedication to safeguarding your property against the unpredictability of lightning storms. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Barker Consultant at 0861 227 537.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your home or office’s defenses against electrical surges. Together, let’s ensure that the only impact lightning has is on the beauty of our African skies, not on the safety of your property.