Barker Insurance

Service with a Smile for Miles


With Barker, you’re a member of our family and will always be treated as such. 

In the spirit of family, we offer 24/7 Home and Roadside Assistance, ensuring your safety and wellbeing wherever you go. Remember that benefits and services are available immediately – we’re just a call away.

*You have access to the following services in the event of a roadside emergency:

  • Tow in service – to the nearest approved dealership or repair centre, within a 100km radius
  • Flat tyre
  • Flat battery (jump start only)
  • Keys locked in vehicle (unlocking only)
  • Fuel assistance
  • Minor Roadside-running repair

For breakdowns more than 100km from home in SA

  • Overnight accommodation (restricted to SA) OR
  • 24-hour Group B car rental
  • In the event of a member’s vehicle being left for repairs, we will pay up to R1 000 for a 24-hour Group B car rental or flight ticket to collect your vehicle after repairs

*Terms and Conditions apply

Home Assist applies if you have your Contents or Building cover noted on your schedule.

*You have access to the following services in the event of a home emergency:

• Electrician

• Plumber

• Locksmith

• Glazier

Public Emergency services

• Notification to the SAPS, ambulance and fire brigade services

Home Gadgets

• Referral to service providers for home appliance repairs and services


• Advisory and referral services are available for Emergency Medical assistance.

The following are advisory services only, as a telephonic conversation does not enable an accurate diagnosis:

• Medical advice and information hotline.

• Emergency telephonic advice and information, 24 hours, seven days a week

• Referrals to crisis lines

• Referrals to medical practitioners and facilities

Find out more about our Barker ASSIST here.