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Reminder: Rains, Power Surges, Lightning


Spring has sprung which means the downpour of Jozi storms is nearly upon us. With these rains, a few important insurance matters must be considered. 

Damp is a nasty problem and while it can be easily prevented, it is highly challenging to treat. By clearing your gutters and having your waterproofing checked before the rainy season starts you can avoid any issues and long-term hassle.

Of course, any Jozi thunderstorm would be incomplete without a few sudden bolts of lightning. As beautiful as they are, these cracks of wonder can ultimately cause power surges and major damage to plug points and appliances.

If you suspect that you may have had a power surge or lightning damage, try the following, before lodging a claim or sending the item in for repairs: 

  • Unplug the device, count to 10 seconds, and plug the device in again.
  • Try a different plug point to establish whether the wall socket or the actual appliance is damaged.
  • If it still doesn’t work, proceed with the assumption that there is damage.