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Mandela Day at Kitty & Puppy Haven

Kitty and Puppy Haven suffered a fire in early June, and following this disaster, the puppy haven building was left very badly damaged, and the crucial dog food stash was lost too.

Because of this, Barkers wanted to spend Mandela Day by helping KPH to get back on their feet. To do this, the Barker staff ran a collection of dog food, and a variety of other goodies on the Kitty Puppy Haven wish list. Barker Insurance also donated money to be used on the rebuilding activities necessary to get the haven back up and running.

Some of the Barker crew headed to the animal sanctuary on the 18th of July, Mandela Day, to drop off what was collected and also help with some of the projects that Kitty & Puppy Haven were working on. One group helped put together some tasty doggie treats, and another worked on creating some lovely doggie toys. After this, we were free to spend some time giving the dogs and cats some cuddles.

It was a pleasure to spend some time at this sanctuary, who are really working hard to change the destinies of some of SA’s furry friends

Should you wish to make any donations to Kitty and Puppy Haven or volunteer your time, visit

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