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Load shedding and potential risks


Load shedding and the potential risks

Load shedding is once again a reality in our lives, and not only is it grossly inconvenient, but comes with a variety of risks that are important to be aware of.


You might think these are caused mainly by unattended candles, but they are often a result of electrical equipment being left on. Items like hair dryers and straighteners left on, lying on dressing tables and beds unattended, can very easily start a fire once power is restored. Pots left on stove tops that are not switched off can also be hazardous, and have been the cause of recent fires.
Be sure to switch off electrical equipment with manual switches, should the power go out whilst in use. And when in doubt, simply unplug your devices. By doing this, you will also protect these items from electricity spikes and surges when the power is restored.


Not only is your daily commute extended, but the chaos caused by inoperative traffic lights increases the occurrence of drivers not obeying basic road rules, which in turn, comes with a higher risk of road accidents. Proceed with caution into intersections, and if it’s not safe to go, even if it’s your turn, don’t! Drivers are often frustrated and impatient during these unnecessarily long journeys which can result in aggressive and dangerous driving.

Driving at night with the lack of street lights and illuminated intersections poses an extra safety risk. Be alert when coming to a stop, entering and exiting your premises and stay off your cellphone.

Vehicle Repairs

Unfortunately, having no power means that hours of productivity are lost which causes delays for most businesses. Panel Beaters are also affected, which could mean your vehicle repair may take a bit longer than anticipated.

Battery Backups

Make sure your backup battery on your home or business alarm system, electric fencing and gate motors are functioning correctly to ensure that they will still function when the electricity goes off. These could leave you exposed if the battery is not charging or operating correctly. Thieves will take full advantage of the lack of security

We understand what a frustrating time this is for all our clients, but we encourage you to keep your cool and stay safe during this inconvenient time. And as always, whether the lights are on or off, we will be here with you every step of the way.