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Liz & Lily - Barker's Sister Duo

Lily Liz Collage

As with all our clients, Barker team members are undoubtedly considered family, and our token sisters, Liz Steele and Lily Howard are no exception!

Collectively, this sibling duo has dedicated 77 years of service to Barker. In fact, Liz was the very first Barker Insurance employee in 1973 - when we were founded, and Lily not long after, in 1978.

Both sisters share strong and long-standing connections with the majority of our Barker clients, as these ladies have personally cultivated these relationships through their genuine care, empathy, and passion for the people they serve.

Lily and Liz are 2 of 9 siblings and love spending their weekends in the company of their family members, browsing shopping centers for the next best buy, or planning the next getaway with their other sisters.

Lily, Barker’s Claim Manager, is a consummate professional. She instills in clients the absolute confidence that when submitting a claim, they are guaranteed unparalleled service with care and compassion. She has always embraced the “personal touch” in that she is dealing with real people that have gone through a real experience, and not just dealing with a claim file. Lily is an inveterate reader, and writing is her most enjoyable hobby. When you think there’s not much more this versatile woman can’t do, she has in fact published, not one, but two novels, with another one on the way.

Liz is the ultimate people’s person, who thrives on interacting with clients and works as our most popular and experienced Personal Insurance Consultant. Her dedication and passion for what she does are truly unique, which is felt by all that have dealt with her; she will always go above and beyond to assist her clients. Family is everything to Liz: she has three children and six grandchildren, who she adores spending time with and spoiling rotten. Liz loves a good laugh, entertaining, sewing, and gardening. Just like her sister, Liz is a fervent bookworm and loves immersing herself in a good novel.

When these two sisters get together, you’ll be sure to hear them chatting and laughing from a distance. And while their hairstyles may have undergone many changes over the years, their passion for what they do certainly have not. 

These two ladies are a major part of what Barker represents and we are so grateful to have them as part of our close-knit family.