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Steering Clear of Motor Theft Scams

At Barkers, we stand unrivaled in our commitment to protecting you, your loved ones, and your valuable assets.

Alongside our esteemed partners at Hollard, we're united in our dedication to crafting a secure future for all our clients. Our synergy with Hollard allows us to echo their guiding principle - "We Are Where You Are."

In the dynamic landscape of motor insurance, we are perpetually vigilant, actively safeguarding you from emerging scams and potential risks.

In tandem with invaluable insights from Hollard, we're applying the brakes to fraudsters and steering our way toward a secure and trustworthy future.

Here's what you need to be on the lookout for:

1. The "Vehicle Recall" Ploy: Crafty syndicates are reaching out to luxury vehicle owners via email notifications, text messages, and even phone calls, impersonating your vehicle's manufacturers or dealers. Their script? Convincing you about a critical safety-recall requirement for your vehicle, only to hoodwink you into handing over your prized possession.

Our Advice: On receiving any such notifications, promptly contact your trusted dealership to verify their authenticity. If you find it to be a sham, ensure you report it, so the necessary steps can be taken to combat these criminals.

2. Impersonators of the Law: Imagine the trauma of having your car stolen or being subjected to a hijacking. Now, add to this distress, swindlers posing as police officers, claiming to have located your vehicle in a distant province or close to a border. They often request a nominal amount, less than R5 000, for towing, directing you to pay through e-wallet or well-known supermarkets.

Our Advice: Before making any payments, always double-check with the Barker Claims team. It's vital to inform us of any dubious interactions immediately.

3. The Highway Blue-Light Deception: Yet another ruse involves criminals impersonating police officers. These scamsters operate in unmarked vehicles and attempt to flag down motorists with the ultimate intent of hijacking their vehicles.

Our Advice: Please warn your acquaintances and loved ones to remain vigilant while driving. If any situation feels unsafe or uncertain, driving straight to the closest police station is the recommended precaution.

We cannot stress this enough: Always ensure you're communicating directly with Barker Insurance when it comes to any claims. With the rise in sophisticated fraud tactics, staying alert and reporting any suspect activities is your first line of defense.

Remember, Barkers goes beyond being your insurance provider. 

We are your steadfast partner in life’s journey, whether you're at home, on the road, or at work. We speak the language of assurance, ensuring a protective cocoon around you, your loved ones, and your valuable assets. We're not just an insurance company, we're a commitment to your peace of mind.