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FREE Surge & Lightning Protection in your insured home or office

The Barker-Hollard special offer

Load-shedding seems to be an inescapable feature of South African living at the moment. This, coupled with the size and frequency of electrical thunderstorms in South Africa – especially in Gauteng – Barker Insurance are on a drive to encourage our clients to install additional lightning and power surge protection in their homes and businesses.

Power generated surges via your distribution board cause about 70% of the total losses in our Buildings and Household Contents sections. This is significant, and for this reason, Barker and Hollard have arranged a special offer for our valued clients, to protect them from the hassle and financial worry that comes with power-surge claims. We will provide you with a high quality and SANS-approved (Class 2, Connection Type 2) Power-Surge protection device free of charge.

This device will need to be installed in the electrical distribution board at your home or office, and will protect your electrical equipment from spikes in electric currents, generated in the power electrical reticulation ONLY. Potential losses arising from surges in data, telephone, CCTV etc. reticulation is NOT protected by the installation of these distribution board devices and appropriate data protection devices are required to protect against the data related surges.

Installing a surge protection device can ensure that your home or business is better protected against loss of electronic equipment due to lightning, and more relevantly, constant power surges, and reduces the possibility of premium increases following a power surge or lightning claim.


Each client will always be responsible for the appointment of a suitably qualified electrician and for the payment of the installation. You will receive the device(s) from Barker Insurance and proof of installation (photographs or electricians invoice/receipt) will need to be sent to within 30 days. Should the device not be installed within this period the device will need to be returned to Barker Insurance. See example of proof of installation below

For those clients that qualify (clients with Buildings or Household Contents cover on their Barker Policy), you can receive a surge protection device FREE of charge (terms and conditions apply).

To request a Power Surge device, please send your request by e-mail to with the following details or contact our offices on 0861 227 537:

  • Your Name
  • Barker-Hollard Policy number
  • Mobile number

Proof of power surge installation

Monitoring surge protection devices

Once devices are installed, clients should monitor their devices to ensure functionality. 

T’s & C’s 

  • 1 x Single or Three phase device per policy
  • Contents or Building cover must be in place on a Barker policy to qualify
  • Device to be installed by a qualified electrician
  • Client liable for installation costs 
  • Installation must take place within 30 days or device will need to be returned to Barker Insurance office at the clients cost.