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Education and vehicle branding are assets worth protecting

Education Africa

Education Africa has many current projects, one of which Barkers follow closely is Masibambane College, as they are also Barker clients. The College is situated in Orange Farm and has developed into a quality education institution catering to the needs of over 1200 learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

The year 2013 saw the first matric class of Masibambane graduate with a 100% pass rate. In fact, they can be very proud that the school has been able to maintain these high standards of academics ever since.

Education is very close to our hearts at Barker, and we will continue, through Barker Unite, to support these wonderful projects wherever we can. Education Africa has recently celebrated their 30th birthday and we would like to congratulate them on three significant decades of Making real change happen.

We are most grateful for their commitment to the education, growth, and development of previously disadvantaged communities, and may they continue to Educate, Equip and Empower for many decades to come. Thank you for the contribution you have made and continue to make to education in South Africa.

Education Africa has been a longstanding client of ours at Barker, and an organisation that we have been privileged enough to work alongside for over 26 years.

The Barker team recently assisted Education Africa by contributing a financial donation towards their new vehicle, so that they can continue to deliver on their inspiring projects. We are honored that they included our Barker logo in the branding of their new vehicle – along with several other of their sponsors - and we wish them many safe miles ahead.

Needless to say, as their trusted insurer, we made sure that both their car and branding were adequately covered.

Click here to get involved or find out more about this incredible initiative.

Now, why would you need to insure car branding?

Car branding is typically done following the purchase of a personal or commercial vehicle and as such, is not reflected on the original vehicle invoice. In most instances, branding is done and paid for separately, after the vehicle is purchased or much further down the line.

Branding is not usually a priority item to update on one’s insurance. Nevertheless, it remains a notable inclusion as branding can vary in cost from a small logo to a full vehicle wrap, ranging from R5,000 to R105,000 or more, depending on the type, quantity, and material used.

Since it becomes a permanent element of the vehicle, it makes sense to add the value of the branding to your vehicle insurance as a vehicle extra. The theft of or damage to your car owing to an accident applies to the branding too and as such, will also need to be replaced. 

If your company or even personal vehicles are branded, check-in with your Barker consultant to make sure the value of the branding is added to your vehicle cover.