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Vehicle Theft is the only driving skills company in South Africa able to provide cost-effective, driver-specific, risk screening and remedial training services nationwide. As with any machine, safely operating a vehicle requires certain skills that should not only be maintained but periodically upgraded.

While the South African driving test (widely known as K53) covers the basics of teaching pupils to become competent drivers, there are no requirements for recurrent training, as in other safety-sensitive fields, such as aviation or medicine. The Driver Awareness Course bridges this gap, ensuring real-world competence is achieved and maintained over time.

If you’re in possession of a driver’s license, you were most likely taught the standard K53 driving methods that aim to create competent drivers. However, the unfortunate truth is that, after much practice and studying, we seem to switch to ‘autopilot mode’, becoming complacent and oblivious to many risks we come across on the roads.

As with most things in life, practice prevails over theory. Everyday driving is the ultimate teacher, and where you really learn the intricacies of driving on the roads, what to be vigilant of, and how to navigate the various scenarios one encounters when driving. Driving training not only minimizes the chance of being in an accident but ensures you become a more capable, aware, safe and economical driver.

The course is highly beneficial for both amateur drivers and those with experience behind the wheel, and comprises 3 sections:

  1. Theory - 11 video modules with quizzes
  2. Practical - 5 video modules with quizzes
  3. Test - Online Driving Skills Review

Young drivers who have newly acquired driver’s licenses will benefit vastly from the Driver Awareness Course, as they are equipped with improved levels of confidence in real-life driving scenarios, that extend beyond the stock standard multi-point checks.

Insurance Implications

Young drivers who successfully complete the course will have the additional “young drivers excess” waived, should they be involved in an accident.

While the course is highly beneficial to private vehicle owners, it is equally worthwhile for drivers of small and large companies alike. By upskilling drivers, the course improves the running costs of company vehicles, reduces the risk of accidents, thereby reducing interference in the day-to-day running of business operations.

We are proud to say that many Barker Team members have successfully completed this course.

We are always grateful when clients take steps to help mitigate their risk, and so, to show our appreciation for anyone who takes the Driver Training. 

Once you have successfully completed the Driver Awareness Course with, simply send a copy of your Certificate to your Barker Insurance Consultant and we will reimburse you R500 of the cost of the completed course.

View details of the course here - Defensive Driving Course Information