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Covid changes made to your policy and checking you are covered

Insurance policy

Following drastic salary fluctuations caused by the pandemic, we had many clients requesting to have their cover markedly reduced, and in some cases even completely remove certain items from cover.

It is crucial that Barker clients notify us if the circumstances affecting your policy have returned to those pre-covid, so we can either reverse or amend your cover accordingly.

For instance:

  • Vehicles: If you reduced the usage of your vehicle (brought annual mileage allowance down), changed cover from comprehensive to Third Party Fire and Theft, or removed vehicle hire cover that is now necessary, please notify us to make the necessary amendments to ensure you are sufficiently covered.
  • Household Contents: You might have reduced your sum insured or changed your cover to exclude theft cover. If you discontinued paying your security company to save money, but still have the relevant security discount applied to your cover, please either pick your security service back up or instruct us to amend this discount, as this discrepancy could have serious consequences in the event of a claim.
  • House Owners: If you reduced your sum insured in any way, please let us know to revise it back to an adequate replacement value.
  • All Risks:
  • If you removed items from the cover that weren’t being taken out of the house much due to staying at home in lockdown, such as jewelry, phones, cameras, etc., be sure to reinstate these items.
  • If you have recently upgraded your phone (or laptop for the section below), please instruct us to add these devices to your policy cover.
  • Personal Computer Equipment: As mentioned above, if you removed items from the All Risks cover because you weren’t taking them out of the house, be sure to reinstate them to your policy.

Should you have any questions concerning the above, or would like to make any amendments to your policy, please chat with your Barker consultant.