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Celebrating Team Barker: Long Service Awards

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As we approach Barker’s Golden Jubilee Celebration (can you believe it?!), we would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on the true heroes of our journey – our team!

Beyond being committed professionals, the Barker family is a vibrant blend of personalities, talents, and unwavering dedication. Over the past 50 years, these remarkable individuals have devoted countless hours and showcased unwavering loyalty to the Barker brand, leaving an indelible mark on our legacy.

Join us in raising a toast to each of our long-serving peeps, as we celebrate their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to our journey thus far.


Celebrating 5 Years of Sarah: Barker's Cheerful Go-Getter

5 YEARS ON 01/12/2022

Sarah, our ever-smiling cheerleader, approaches tasks with unwavering enthusiasm. Her laughter and tireless efforts brighten everyone's day.

With boundless support for her family and a zest for life, including hikes to travel adventures, Sarah is our go-to guru for all things outdoors. Thank you, Sarah, for 5 fantastic years of spreading enthusiasm and positivity at Barker.


Celebrating 5 Years of Alex: Barker’s Dynamic Powerhouse

5 YEARS ON 01/02/2023

Alex is the epitome of dynamite coming in small packages – she displays precision and efficiency in everything she does. Her authentic love for family and talent for nurturing relationships make her exceptional.

Cheers to Alex's indomitable spirit, thoughtful surprises, and enriching energy at Barker for 5 fabulous years!


Celebrating 15 Years of Roscoe: Barker’s Charismatic Superstar

15 YEARS ON 01/04/2023

With infectious charisma, Roscoe has won hearts and minds throughout his time at Barker, becoming a true favorite of colleagues and clients alike.

His friendly nature, caring demeanor, and efficiency make him everyone's go-to guy. Passionate about the bush and wildlife, Roscoe's adventurous spirit is evident.

Cheers to Roscoe, our sports-loving, client-loving superstar, brightening Barker with 15 years of greatness and many more adventures to come.


Celebrating 25 Years of Sally: Barker’s Wonder Woman

25 YEARS ON 16/03/2023

Prepare the confetti cannons for Sally, our jill-of-all-trades, who has wowed us at Barker for an incredible 25 years.

From event planning to compliance and marketing magic, Sally does it all. Her nurturing nature and superwoman abilities keep our Barker world spinning harmoniously. A loving wife to Lloyd and a super mom to Luke, Ella, and Holly, Sally has mastered the art of life. With an adventurous spirit, she finds joy in every journey.