Barker Insurance

Barker's Family Connections


Barker transcends the concept of the family business: we’re not in the numbers game. Our focus is not on driving mass growth, but consistently refining our service offering with our client-centric, unique, and intimate touch, always ensuring an emphasis on quality clients.

We’re not just an insurance broker – we’re a network of intertwined individuals, an extension of your family, and a genuine, tight-knit community, always keeping your best interests at heart.

Barker is built on generations of interconnected clients, colleagues and friends, which reinforces our deep-seated family legacy.

The Barker Promise

For over 40 years, we have cultivated an exclusive portfolio of clients who are closely aligned with the values intrinsic to who we are. We operate on a referral basis, where our clients are selected based on stringent criteria, resulting in us servicing a limited collection of the most upstanding of individuals:


Barker clients are only selected upon referrals by current clients or employees, thereby creating the ultimate environment of trust and credibility. This unique system not only holds us, the insurers, accountable to the referring client, by ensuring top-tier service to newly acquired customers.It also ensures our new clients share the mutual respect and appreciation in return, as they feel accountable to the person referring them. This approach guarantees that fewer unnecessary claims are made, ultimately leading to more money,resources, and personalised attention being allocated to each client, as opposed to being apportioned over an extensive portfolio of clients.


We take on clients who genuinely look after their families and assets. They should have an outstanding claims’ record over the past three years, proving their capability of managing their own risk. This protects us, as insurers, by ensuring we onboard honest clients who don’t attempt to profit from fraudulent claims. This, in turn, protects our current, loyal clients from financial pressure, as they could end up carrying the costs for the negligent losses of others.

Transparent Communication

While insurance tends to be a grudge purchase, we promise to provide peace of mind for our clients. Our clients know they have a failsafe for when disaster may strike, and that they will ultimately receive the premium support they are paying for. This is accomplished through open and unequivocal communication channels, so every party knows where they stand, at all times.

Our clients have openly demonstrated a sense of privilege to be part of such a value-oriented community, especially considering the stigma attached to the insurance industry. Our clients strongly resonate with the Barker brand that is principled and so reinforces their own ethics.

Thank you to all our loyal clients: we feel so privileged to serve and call such incredible members of society our family!