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Barker's dynamic duo: Kim & Louise

Kim Louise

At Barker, relationships are the cornerstone of our business and this all begins with our employees. Kim Millar and Louise Forsyth can best be described as one of Barker’s Dynamic Duos. They are tenacious and highly committed to ensuring our clients receive the best cover and service possible.

Without them, Barker just wouldn’t be the same. These two ladies have a unique and symbiotic method of working together, and this emanates from the rich past that they shared: both attended Roosevelt High School together over 20 years ago, and their parents served on the school committee. For the last 15 years, they have worked together closely.

Whilst both Personal Insurance Consultants, they also perform various other roles within the company. They are constantly in the know of all the ongoings in the office environment so are usually the go-to ladies in most regards. Seated next to each other, they always have a clear idea as to what the other is currently working on, enabling them to use each other as sounding boards, and assisting one another where they can. But it’s not all work and no play with these two: they thoroughly enjoy a hearty laugh together, a discussion on the latest Netflix series, or a good catch-up on their weekend plans and activities.

What’s more, Kim and Louise never miss the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion for their Barker team-mates, from birthdays to baby showers and bridal showers - you name it!

There simply isn’t anything this power duo can’t do! In addition to all the above, they also organise the Barker Annual Team Weekend Away. And for two people with a keen sense of direction, their constant chattering ironically leads them far astray from the venue destination concerned. Both are highly competitive, so are always game for sports races or a foosball match at the office. Challenge accepted! Their unique working partnership has grown into the best of friendships, so much so that Kim is Louise’s maid-of-honor at her up-and-coming wedding.

This Dynamic Duo is a guiding light in our business and a force to be reckoned with. They are passionate about what they set out to do and no matter the complexities involved, they achieve it with gusto and sheer efficiency. What a pair!