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Barker Wellness in the Workplace: Yoga and Reflexology at the Core!


People are the cornerstone of our business, and so their health and wellness are a key priority to us.

We firmly believe that wellness in the workplace is an essential element to keeping people not only productive, but mentally and physically strong, and ultimately HAPPY and HEALTHY!

We find that a positive mindset places our employees in a much better position to assist our clients, especially in the claims department, whose interactions with traumatised clients, who have just experienced an accident or robbery, can be exceptionally distressing.

We are fortunate enough to have a beloved yoga instructor and reflexologist come to our premises and work their wellness magic on us.

Yoga with Sherley Sewnarain

Sherley has been practicing her passion for yoga since 2006, and has used the calming and physical aspects of Yoga to soothe her anxieties. At the age of 30 she began sharing the powerful effects of the practice with others through teaching. She taught the meditative practice “Satyanada’, while also introducing her own unique exercises into her sessions. Sherley has admitted on several occasions that she feels so uplifted when teaching the Barker team. She described us as “free-spirited, positive, open-minded, fun and ever-present” – and the feeling is wholeheartedly mutual!

Thank you for sharing your love and passion with us, Sherley. You are a considerable part of maintaining balance in our bodies and minds.

Here are the contact details for our beloved yoga instructor.

Sherley Sewnarain

(072) 869-1362

Reflexology with Jasmine Steyn

The radical healing powers of reflexology were revealed to Jasmine first-hand, after witnessing her grandmother’s recovery from debilitating sciatica. After shadowing her local reflexologist, and then attending the National Reflexology Association CPD workshops, Jasmine eagerly pursued the study of this health modality and her practice of therapeutic reflexology and meridian therapy began.

Jasmine is passionate about the holistic aspect of the therapy: that it works with the entire body as opposed to its parts in isolation.

In addition, she thoroughly enjoys that the field is constantly evolving, with innovative techniques and strategies to best accommodate various conditions.

Reflexology empowers the body to heal itself by stimulating specific reflex points, primarily located on the feet.

Reflexology reduces the effects of stress on the body, alleviates pain, improves circulation and digestive health, as well as balances hormones. The most interesting thing about reflexology is that the treatment will always have an effect on the patient, however, the body controls what is of priority and will target those parts for healing first. The reflexologist is merely a tool to guide and facilitate the healing process.

Jasmine Steyn