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Barker Unite's Woman's Month Initiative with Cherished

Womans day 2

South Africa celebrates the first National Women's Day 9 August 1956!

In one of the largest demonstrations staged in our country's history, 20 000 women of all races marched to Pretoria's Union Buildings, to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the prime minister, JG Strijdom. Over the years this day has become a whole month of gratitude shown to all women - in one’s family, friendship groups and community. I’m sure everyone knows what an integral role woman play in society and their influence can bring the necessary strength and compassion needed in our world.

The Barker Unite Woman’s Month initiative decided to contribute Special Packs for a Pamper Day (with all sorts or heart-warming ladies’ cosmetic goodies and words of inspirational and encouragement) to an outreach/support group for women working in the sex industry that want to discover a world where they can be valued as women in our communities around South Africa.

This industry, and the trauma associated with it, is sadly a taboo topic and seldom discussed. The heartbreaking truth is that 99% of these women are victims of horrific circumstances like human trafficking and abuse and are in desperate need of compassion and help. Fortunately, the Barker Unite team are not afraid to tackle the real issues and reach out to all who need a hand.

Cherished is a registered trust and non-profit organization operating across Gauteng which was started in 2012. They aim to reach, restore and equip women to live fulfilling lives. In all that they do, they go with the message that women are Loved, Valued and Purposed. (View Cherished here)

Challenges facing Women and the reasons why we seek to serve and help ladies working in the sex industry:

  • There are more women employed in the sex industry today than any other time in history.
  • 89% of women working in the sex industry want to escape but see no other means for survival.
  • 73% of women in prostitution have been raped more than 5 times.
  • 66-90% of women in the sex industry were sexually abused as children.
  • 70% of trafficked women are trafficked into the commercial sex industry (strip clubs, escort agencies, brothels etc).

Cherished's approach is to do monthly outreaches to various venues across Gauteng. They take gift bags and cupcakes to these ladies and use this as a tool to create relationships with them. They invite ladies to monthly support dinners and various events- to a space where women can come into an accepting community where their healing journey can begin. They also connect them with resources that they need in order to start their restoration process, whether it is counselling, life coaching, business opportunities and more.

Cherished Ladies

A message from the team of wonderful ladies at "Cherished" : 

"Thank you so much for contributing to our Pamper Day. The day was an absolute success. The ladies were overwhelmed by the love and acceptance they experienced through the team. Lives were changed. Some ladies cried from the minute they walked into the door to the time they went home. We had 26 ladies come to the event. Thank you for being a part of making this day so special. "

With humility, love and a sense of community we strive to build awareness for the less fortunate, to create a foundation to help people to help themselves and make a positive difference in the lives of all South Africans