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Barker "Boxes of Joy" for Thandanani House of Refuge

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Christmas is such a special time of the year for families and especially children. With this sentiment in mind, Barker Unite selected a project this year at ‘Thandanani, House of Refuge’, a registered charity organisation which falls under the banner of the Kingsway Centre of Concern. Thandanani was established to give hope to the lives of abandoned, abused, orphaned and neglected children. They currently provide refuge for 25 children, who have arrived at Thandanani through the court, school or church, in order to receive aid.

The Barker team received the children’s names and other relevant details, and put together a ‘Barker’s Box of Joy’ for each child, that included educational items, clothing, and a few other special gifts.

With our very own Barker Santa helpers in tow, we ventured off to Thandanani where we set up a Christmas party. Excitement filled the air as each child received their gift with joy and appreciation and shared a photo with Santa. What we gained from this experience however, was more than we could’ve imagined. The house, was a home – a real family, where each child was greeted with a hug by the House Mother as they arrived from school. Thandanani means ‘love one another’, and that is exactly the atmosphere and culture that exists at this home.

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With pride, Meryl Tintinger, the administrator, shared that one of the boys in their home has been awarded a bursary for his high school career, at a prestigious school. From the culture of love, to weekly youth groups and Sunday church, Thandanani clearly motivate and inspire their children to reach their true potential and to never doubt how special each of them are.

The house is well run, however, as Meryl explained, they do have their battles from plumbing issues, electricity and general building upgrades and maintenance, sponsorships for schooling, transport, to having to rely heavily on donations and assistance for food and clothing, school uniforms, stationary packs and goods for day to day living. If anyone would like to make a donation, please see link below:

Tintinger also explained that quality time is a gift that is priceless, so if you would like to simply pay a visit and perhaps spend some time with the children that is appreciated just as much.

If you would like to get involved or have any further questions, please contact:

Meryl Tintinger on 082 836 9747 or

We received this wonderful letter of thanks:

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This was a humbling experience. Barker’s sincere gratitude goes to Meryl and the special House Mothers Claudia, Martha and Jabu for their commitment to each child, and to the members of the Barker’s Team for your generosity.


                            VIEW THE PHOTO'S FROM THE DAY HERE