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Avoiding the damages of seasonal rains


As much as we all love the pitter patter of rain drops on our rooftops, there are various risks that come with Jozi’s glorious seasonal rains. 

These risks have serious implications for our homes and offices if the gutters and waterproofing aren’t properly maintained. Whilst these elements are usually “out of sight, out of mind’, they play a crucial function in the structural integrity of a building.

Efficiently waterproofing your home or office is the first line of defence against water damage. In order to do so, the following measures should be followed:

  • maintaining your roof,
  • sealing windows,
  • cleaning gutters,
  • redirecting rain runoff,
  • ensuring proper drainage,
  • maintaining your home’s exterior finish,
  • checking your downspouts.

Clogged or leaking gutters can also represent serious problems such as structural damage or even health issues. When your gutters are leaking, they are not doing their job, and this can result in:

  • damage to the roof and fascia, which can lead to roof problems and wood rot,
  • water pooling near the foundation, which can cause a damaged or cracked foundation,
  • water gathering along the sides of your home, which can lead to the flooding of your home,
  • gutters becoming worn enough to fall off, which can not only cause damage to your roof, soffit, and fascia but can seriously injure someone,
  • standing water if the gutters are not draining properly, which can cause clogged or overflowing gutters and mosquito infestations,
  • damage to your landscaping and garden,
  • soil erosion,
  • damaged or swollen siding,
  • rotted decks or patios if the leak causes water to fall on these structures,
  • cracked and water-damaged driveways,
  • stains on concrete and siding.

It is therefore critical to maintain the condition of your gutters to avoid having to pay costly repairs later down the line.

There are reputable specialists available to examine any drain or gutter clogs, leaks or damages that may be present as well as waterproofing experts who can save you from irksome and costly damages. Give us a call if you need a referral and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.