Client Testimonials

“ Thank you once again for the absolutely amazing service you have given us over the years. My only regret was not moving across to Barker Insurance earlier than we did. I will continue to refer clients your way. ”

Oliver Butchart 31 July 2019

“ The brakes in my car ‘locked’on Saturday 1km from my home. I called Barker Assist. They arrived in 10 minutes – thank you! They were absolutely amazing, I cannot praise him enough, they stayed with us until the vehicle could be lifted and moved to my house. The Mechanic then attended to my brakes and fixed them, he was also amazing. Thank you to the helpers and Barker for the wonderful service we received. ”

Marcel Bakos 16 June 2019

“ We appreciate your efficiency with dealing with this accident. It reiterates why we insure with Barker, they always do a wonderful job. ”

Penny Buchanan 07 June 2019

“ I am writing to you today because I was recently talking to my good friend Michel about the amazing service i received when my car was water damaged and had to be written off. Barkers were amazing. And I’ve been singing praises for your company ever since. ”

Kevin Craig 24 May 2019

“ To everyone at Barker Insurance, thank you so much for the gift and all your help, support and incredible service. We really appreciate it. ”

Steve De Villiers 15 May 2019

“ What a pleasure it was dealing with you, your politeness and efficiency was just amazing, and once again I have to say what a fabulous company Barker Insurance is, and no wonder with staff as legendary as you are. ”

Paddy Hatfield 17 April 2019

“ I must also add… Barker Insurance have been good to me and this is yet again more reason for me to recommend Barker for tailor made insurance to friends. Thank-you. ”

Keith MacGillivray 09 April 2019

“ Thank you for your efficient service and the immediate attention you gave my claim.”

Jane Andropoulos 08 April 2019

“ Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service I have received over the past few weeks. Quite impressed at the speed of getting documents from your team. ”

Yusuf Bodiat 26 March 2019

“ I want to thank everyone at Barkers for the incredible service and efficiency with which this claim was handled. Within 4 hours the phone was replaced and I was up and running early yesterday evening. I am always blown away by the compassion and promptness of everyone at Barkers. ”

Paul Strathern 12 February 2019

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