Client Testimonials

“ One of my old clients came back to me with his business and said, “now I feel that I have come home!”  That is how I feel about coming back to Barker Insurance. ”

Lee Barnes 06 November 2018

“ Just a shout-out to the team at Barker – you guys rock - the service, the assistance and the attitude of the team is fantastic and I would never even contemplate moving my business to any other company. It’s not about the premium, its about the experience and you guys have it waxed!!! Thank you for the excellent service. ”

Dave Casey 22 October 2018

“ From my side I’d like to express my appreciation for the usual friendly and efficient service from Barker insurance Brokers. Is is experiences like this that mean I regularly reject the various approaches from other insurers, promising the earth and everything in it!! ”

John Traas 14 September 2018

“ Whilst the process of having to claim was frustrating, I only have kind words for Barkers and your team, who were incredibly efficient in the turn around and support thereof! ”

Alan Shenton 21 August 2018

“ You are one of a kind. I always feel so comforted that you look after our insurance, thank you for always looking after us so well. ”

James Wessels 16 August 2018

“ Barker Insurance has always been so good to us and it is always a pleasure dealing with you. The good will is very much appreciated!! ”

Penny McChesney 13 July 2018

“ I really appreciate the amazing service you guys deliver and for also being patient with all the questions :) ”

Gianluca Tucci 06 July 2018

“ One of the reasons why I will be hard pressed to leave the Barkers family. The little things to make your clients lives easier count. ”

Daniel Grossman 05 July 2018

“ Whaaat??? Is Barking giving me more reasons to stay with them?! (Not that I would ever leave..) Thank you guys so much for the kind gesture, it means a lot to Sherry and me. I cannot tell you how happy I have been with our experience as a family with Barker, you guys have always been there for us and sorted out claims with minimal effort. I hear so many horror stories from colleges about bad insurance experiences and it’s really comforting to know that you guys you will keep doing the awesome job you do! Thank you all so much. ”

Ben & Sherry 21 June 2018

“ Once again thanks very much for the professional and outstanding service that BIB offers. I vote you best broker for 2018! ”

Jonathan First 20 April 2018

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