Barker Insurance

Barker’s long standing promise to our clients

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After 47 years in the insurance industry, Barker remains committed to the values and promise we pledged to uphold from the start: To provide our clients with only the highest of personalised care and attention, ensuring they feel genuinely cared for and part of our close-knit Barker community.

The old adage “Birds of a feather flock together” resonates firmly with all of us at Barker. As much as we strive to deliver quality service to our clients, we similarly seek like-minded and upstanding clients to serve. For over four decades, we have cultivated an exclusive portfolio of clients who closely reflect the values we have so deeply entrenched in our roots. Our focus is not on driving mass growth, but rather consistently improving our service offering with our unique and intimate, client-centric personal touch, always ensuring an emphasis on quality clients.

To achieve the above objectives, we have stringent criteria that is required to be met by prospective Barker insurance clients:


We implement a unique system where Barker clients are only selected upon referrals by current clients. This cultivates an ecosystem of trust and credibility, as it not only holds us the insurers accountable to the referring client by ensuring top-tier service to newly acquired customers, but ensures our new clients share the mutual respect and appreciation in return as they feel accountable to the person referring them. The objective of this approach ensures that fewer unnecessary claims are made, ultimately leading to more money and resources being allocated to the personalised attention on each individual client as opposed to being spread over an extensive portfolio of clients.

Level of Responsibility

We seek clients with an excellent claims’ history over the past three years and those who genuinely look after their families and assets. This demonstrates their level of responsibility in mitigating losses through managing their own risk, thereby ensuring that we accept reliable and ethical clients who don’t capitalise on fraudulent claims, as this ultimately places our current, loyal clients under financial pressure as they end up carrying the costs for others’ careless losses.

Transparent Communication

Insurance can be a grudge purchase, since one only realises the value of insurance when they need it. Our promise is to provide peace of mind for our clients, so they know they have a dependable safety net when things go wrong, and that they will receive the quality support they are paying for. This is achieved by implementing open, seamless and unambiguous lines of communication, so all parties know where they stand every step of the way.

We’ve received so much positive feedback over the years from our limited collection of clients. Most have expressed a sense of privilege to be part of such a value-oriented community, especially considering the stigma attached to the insurance industry. Our clients feel a close relation to the Barker brand that is both ethical and reinforces their own principles. Thank you to all our loyal clients, : we feel just as privileged to serve such exemplary members of our family.