The Financial Intermediaries Association of South Africa

"The FIA is a non-profit organisation which is governed by a board of directors, democratically elected by its members. The association is managed by a full-time secretariat and is headed by the chief executive officer. The FIA operates nationally via seven provincial divisions and 25 branches."

Insurance Fraudline

"Insurance fraud costs all of us, most particularly the honest consumer. Insurers have no option but to pass the increased cost of claims on to the consumer by means of increased premiums. An association called the Insurance Fraudline aims to combat the high occurrence of insurance fraud in South Africa."

"In modern South Africa, what you learned at licence level is not enough to keep you alive or ensure economical motoring. The only solution to this problem is extra training, to help drivers operate the machines called vehicles more safely and economically."


Gage Car Hire

"With access to more than 30,000 vehicles strategically located within South Africa you can be assured Gage Car Hire will meet your requirements." Gage Car Hire is our trusty rental car supplier to clients when they are involved in an accident or their vehicle is stolen or hijacked.


Grandmark Glass

"Grandmark Glass reduces the cost of fitments, without compromising on service quality. As a result, most of our insurance partners have agreed to waive the excess payment if you fit Grandmark Glass. Our ultimate aim is to lower the cost of motor insurance, so that more South Africans can afford to insure their vehicles on the road."


Hollard Travel Insurance

"Hollard Travel Insurance is a select divison of Hollard that specialised only in Travel Insurance. Here you can easily compare our travel insurance benefits and rates, buy your travel insurance online, and receive your Schengen visa confirmation of travel insurance letter immediately."


Jewel Africa

"Jewel Africa is a five-star retail destination in Johannesburg and Cape Town for those seeking the glitter and sparkle of our fine diamond and jewellery collection."


Factory & Industrial

"F&I is a specialist underwriting and risk manager offering a full range of comprehensive commercial insurance and risk solutions for the industrial, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. We place emphasis on our clients’ compliance with statutory and regulatory legislation."